FASHION TIES (Minimum order 50)

Fashion Ties are a very popular clothing item amongst men. Men wear Fashion Ties on many occasions which include work, formal events, functions, weddings, parties and other fashionable or professional occasions. Roma Ties works in conjunction with the leading consultants in Germany and Italy and have created a wide range of the latest and exciting fashion tie fabrics. Fabrics include polyester, silk and combination polyester/silk, amongst others. Our fabrics have been particularly successful in all leading chain stores and independent retailers in South Africa. At Roma Ties, we have a range of tie designs from conservative to high fashion. Whether your customers are looking for trendy ties or professional ties then you’ve come to the right place because our design team can assist you.

When it comes to Fashion Ties, you can let your imagination run wild. The design styles and combination of colours is endless. We are a wholesale tie supplier so we can provide you the best materials and styles. In addition you can incorporate the matching design of the pocket handkerchief. If you have a unique design in mind then we welcome you to come and chat to us about your design. Our in-house design team has extensive fashion knowledge and are always up to date with the latest fashion trends from around the world. So they will be able to assist you greatly with your tie design project.

Furthermore our range of fashion items extends to include Bow Ties, Waistcoats and Cravats, Pocket Hankerchiefs and Lapel Pins.. So you could complete a designer outfit with the matching fashion accessories. This will give the outfit a complete style which will be on trend.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can design a fashion tie according to your requirements. The minimum order quantity for Fashion Ties is 50 units.